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Founded by Ben Curtis, The Single Cask was built on the belief that the search for the perfect dram never ends. Every cask we come across in our work is in some way unique, the best of them being well worth searching for. We have made it our mission to seek outstanding individual casks and bottle them as naturally as we can, without filtration, dilution or colouring. Sometimes a rare cask from a lost age will catch our attention, or it might have been left to mature for longer than usual. Most important to us however is that each whisky is something we’d be happy to have at home simply because it tastes exceptional.

Meet The Family



 Also known to those in the whisky world as ‘WhiskyMate’, Brendan’s expertise have helped introduce countless people to the complexities of Scotch whisky which make it so special


Brand Ambassador for Asia 


Yi Xian

Yi Xian (aka “The Peat Head”)  Previously from the field of auditing, he is now a financial planner by day, and a whisky bar manager by night. . His nickname obviously stems from his love for peated whisky, but he will never turn down any drink offered to him. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with him, along with some added banter of course!

The Single Cask Bar Manager

Whisky Guru 


Wei De

Wei De (aka Mushy Boy) Spent most of his life in the Food and Beverage industry, he hopes his love for service can be contagious enough to make you stay! Everything has a story, and Wei De would love to share them with you!

The Single Cask Bar

Cocktail Guru! 


Ben Curtis

Director of The Single Cask, . Out of this curiosity was borne a passion for collecting (or ‘rescuing’, as Ben might put it) one-of-a-kind casks that exhibited a little something special...

Company Director

Cask Acquisition & Sales 


Torsten Zimmerman

Torsten is a creative thinker with a passion for whisky and the endless possibilities in its creation. With years of experience in marketing and communication Torsten decided to devote himself to creating his own brand, Scotch&Tattoos, combining his two favourite forms of art. Torsten acts as brand ambassador for Europe and the United States.

Brand Ambassador for Europe & USA

Global Sales Manager 



Jamie is based in Dunfermline, Scotland and has been with the Single Cask for a little over a year. Jamie enjoys sharing whisky with friends and especially introducing friends to whisky! In his spare time Jamie enjoys (suffers) a round of golf... maybe with a dram or two in the bag!

The Single Cask Media Team

 Instagram Guru 


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