The Single Cask Glenburgie 21 YO 1995

Un chill filtered, 53.1%abv, 24 bottles, Cask Ref.AQ795 

Nose:Rose water, sugar syrup, cherry blossoms, dates, plums, lemon juice, slight soapiness and slightly green. Herbal hints, which are reminiscent of thyme. Just a tiny hint of alcohol and a very impressive nose.

Palate: Sweet and spicy, with more of the floral notes at the fore and followed by the lemon and date hints. Slightly herbal and somewhat oaky on the mid-palate. Some of the rose water notes from the nose emerge on the palate after some time.

Finish: Faint sugar and floral notes, coupled with fleeting oak. A rather flavour-forward expression which becomes spicy and drying.

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