The Single Cask and The Swan Song are extremely excited to announce our brand new collaboration: Simple Cocktails!


Spearheaded by Fong Chan Teng of The Swan Song and Chee Wei De of The Single Cask, these four cocktails are designed to excite and invigorate your tastebuds.


The four cocktails are as follows:


Simple Negroni
Gin, Bitters, Vermouth
Constructed to be similar to a negroni made from vintage campari and vermouth, this interpretation is richer than the standard recipe without losing the signature bittersweet profile.

Simple Old Fashioned
Bourbon, Rye, Cognac, Sugar, Bitters
Bourbon and Rye provides the robust backbone for this timeless classic. Stirred over ice, a sugar cube and an extra dash of cognac to create a silky smooth drink.

Simple Rob Roy
Peated Whisky, Vermouth, Bitters
Traditionally made with unpeated scotch. This version uses a lightly peated blend to balance the sweetness of the vermouth. This light wisp of smoke adds a whole other dimension to this drink.

Simple Rum Martini
Rum, Vermouth, D.O.M Benedictine
A reimagination on the infamous martini. Traditionally made with gin with various degrees of dryness. Here, the good old gin is substituted with gold rum, and a dash of D.O.M just for that light herbaceous note. Refreshing.


These delectable concoctions are available in both 100ml and 500ml sizes and also as a set (4x100ml of each cocktail) and the prices are as folllows:


- 100ml: $21 each

- Cocktail set (4x100ml of each cocktail): $80 each

- 500ml: $95 each


Please note that the prices are inclusive of delivery charges and cocktail deliveries will be sent out on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1-6pm every week.


- TSC x SS

The Single Cask & The Swan Song Present: Simple Cocktails

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