Diving Deeper Into Whisky: SS x TSC 4-week online course


One month has passed since we decided to run a 4-week interactive, guided online course catered to beginners in order to kickstart their whisky journey. The response was phenomenal so much so that another run will be conducted from next week on.


This vindicates our belief that there are many who have been wanting to get into the wonderful world of whisky. We are absolutely delighted to stand in that gap and to journey with anyone whom wants to know more about whisky. It is our duty and joy.


Hence, apart from getting to know whisky with us, we believe that the logical next step would be an intermediate level course to cater to those individuals who wants to dive deeper with us to explore more into the wonderful world of whisky. More advanced topics about whisky will be covered in this course. No prerequisite is needed even though more advanced topics are covered and all you need is just a keen heart to learn.


Over the course of 4 weeks, we will delve into the following topics:


Week 1 - Old Bottle Effect (OBE): Definition & phenomenon

Week 2 - Barley Exploration (Types, terms, yield & selection)

Week 3 - The Problem of Proof (The history & developments, chemistry)

Week 4 - The Appreciation of Whisky (Preparation, nosing, tasting, language)


Pricing for the course would be as follows:
$300 for the entire course which consists of 4 whiskies per week

Packages will be delivered to you every Tuesday for the month of June, followed by the class which will happen every Wednesday at 8.30pm via Zoom. (3rd June, 10th June, 17th June & 24th June).

If you have any friends or family who may be interested in joining us, please feel free to invite them along as we wish to make this a fun and enjoyable one to open them to our amazing whisky community!

We look forward to your attendance and hope that you’re all staying safe during this period.



Diving Deeper Into Whisky With The Swan Song & The Single Cask

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