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Review #17: The Single Cask English Whisky Co 2009 7 Years Old

This review focuses on a fantastic expression from St George's Distillery in Norfolk and it is the first of three expressions that have been released by The Single Cask thus far. This expression was distilled in 2009, matured in a bourbon hogshead for 7 years before being bottled at a cask strength abv of 60% in 2016.

So, let's dive right into the review!

The Single Cask English Whisky Co 2009 7 Years Old (60% abv)

Nose: Gentle, sweet peat coupled with malt, hints of acetone and a touch of smoke. A fair bit of alcohol is present and there's a fairly gristy note which augments the peat.   Palate: Honeyed sweetness and richness followed by wood spices such as cinnamon, sweet peat, vanilla and oak. The relative youth of the spirit shines through, but it is well-developed and quite rounded and not raw.   Finish: Medium on the finish, with the warmth of the cinnamon, slight honeyed hints and gentle peat and smoke lingering to the end.

This expression is sold out worldwide.

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