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Review #99: The Single Cask Blair Athol 2011 8 Years Old

The review focuses on an interesting expression of Blair Athol which was distilled in 2011, matured in a bourbon hogshead for 8 years before being bottled at a cask strength ABV of 58.3% by The Single Cask.

So, let's dive right into the review!

The Single Cask Blair Athol 2011 8 Years Old (58.3% ABV)

Nose: Lively and robust. Limestone, grapefruit juice, floral elements, lime, oak, malt, white wine, pine resin, and white pepper.

Palate: Full-bodied, grapefruit juice, pear juice, oak, malt, pine sap, floral elements, white wine, lime, honey, white pepper.

Finish: Medium to long with notes of citrus, oak, white pepper, honey and wood spices.

This expression is sold out worldwide!

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