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Review #92: The Single Cask Heaven Hill 2009 10 Years Old

This review focuses on an exceptional corn whiskey expression from Heaven Hill distillery in Kentucky and this was distilled in 2009, matured for 10 years in a barrel before being bottled at a cask strength abv of 62.5% in 2019.

So, let's dive right into the review!

The Single Cask Heaven Hill 2009 10 Years Old (62.5% abv)

Nose: Caramel, apricots, banana, vanilla and black pepper, followed by orange, dark chocolate and malt.   Palate: Banana, apricots and orange, followed by black pepper, vanilla, dark chocolate, caramel, coffee and almonds.   Finish: Long finish, with the malty hints returning alongside the black pepper, banana, caramel, coffee and dark chocolates.

This expression is available by the dram or as a part of a flight and can also be purchased by the bottle at the following link:

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