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Founded by whisky enthusiasts, for whisky enthusiasts. The Single Cask Whisky Bar is a whisky-filled refuge which seeks to provide individuals a sanctuary within which they can relax and unwind with a dram or one of our carefully selected whisky flights.

The Single Cask Singapore conducts a multitude of masterclasses and special events on a regular basis. The whisky bar also offers patrons the chance to create their own whisky appreciation sessions for a group of friends or business associates.


We represent a number of family-owned distilleries and independent bottlers The Single Cask is also a partner bar of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society SMWS. We specialise in single cask Scotch whisky and are committed to sourcing the very best.

When selecting our whisky casks care is taken to source the most interesting and unique casks these are then bottled under our own independent whisky label, "The Single Cask". We then share these beautiful expressions with our patrons, with the firm belief that we have provided "unique spirits, bottled one cask at a time"!

Our products are not just limited to whisky! We also provide a range of different spirits and cocktails to entice and delight patrons.


Ben (aka "The Whisky Daddy") has been importing single cask whisky for many years in South East Asia. Ben has managed to get hands on some of the best quality, unique whiskies to bring to the whisky lovers of Asia. Is "Whisky Daddy" too cheesy? Well, he is the "most experienced (oldest)" chap of the group!

Brendan (aka “The Whisky Mate”) has been intrigued by whisky and the distilleries which produce them even before he was leagllt allowed to sample them, he has made a pilgrimage to Islay so that he could pay homage to the peated whiskies that he adores. A commodities broker by day and a whisky geek by night, Brendan loves his whisky and does his very best to ensure that you will too!

Ronin (aka “The Mix-Angmo”) Left the world of high finance to indulge in high sprits. His love for creating and inventing craft cocktails is insatiable! He just loves to be behind the stick!  Why do we call him “The Mix-angmo!” half Singaporean half American Irish! a Mix Angmo! 


First and foremost, we believe in good whisky! Rather than fill our shelves with bottles of over marketed big brands, we intentionally source our products from the independent bottlers smaller players within the whisky industry. They make up for their lack of a marketing budget with a huge dose of heart, quality and an unshakeable belief in their product.

We explore their spirits, their casks and their craft while providing our patrons with the chance to sample these hidden gems firsthand.

Our love comes at cask strength!


The Single Cask Team

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