The Single Cask Whisky Review #56: Glenfarclas 17 Years Old

March 05, 2017

The Single Cask Whisky Review #56: Glenfarclas 17 Years Old

This week's review focuses on an expression from a distillery which remains a firm favourite for many whisky drinkers.

Glenfarclas prides itself on being family-owned and has been since the Grant family purchased the distillery in 1865. Their commitment to producing high quality sherried whiskies as well as their impressive inventory of aged whiskies within their warehouses are the envy of many other distilleries and companies, so much so that the Grant family has politely refused many a takeover bid from much larger concerns.

This week's review focuses on one of the expressions which form the distillery core range, the 17 Years Old which provides an interesting balance between the sweet, sherried and spicy hints which make up the typical Glenfarclas flavour profile.

So, let's jump right into the review!

Glenfarclas 17 Years Old (43% abv)

Colour: Burnished copper

Nose: Initial entry presents a rich sherried note coupled with dried fruits, worn leather and some cinnamon. With time, hints of dark chocolate shavings, wood varnish, orange peel and oak emerge along with nutmeg and allspice.

Palate: Initial entry presents more of the rich sherried character detected on the nose along with a selection of dried fruits, including apricots, peaches and raisins. Dark chocolate, demerara sugar, chocolate orange and a melange of wood spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice) emerge as well. There is a hint of wood varnish, worn leather and oak which linger on in the fringes.

Finish: Medium to long on the finish, with the sherried sweetness, dried fruits and wood spices lingering on to the end alongside a more pronounced oaky note which takes over the proceedings at the very end.

Balance: A rather well-balanced expression from the distillery which showcases the classic sherried house style as well as the multitude of complexities and nuances that this expression possesses. The mouthfeel is generally oily and rich with some dryness creeping in towards the end.

This expression of Glenfarclas is available for purchase by the bottle and the dram for in-bar consumption as well as by the bottle for retail/takeaway purposes. Please approach our friendly staff for more information and they will be more than happy to assist you with any enquiries you may have.

Written By Brendan Pillai for The Single Cask 

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