The Single Cask Whisky Review #54: Glen Spey 2002 10 Years Old

February 19, 2017

The Single Cask Whisky Review #54: Glen Spey 2002 10 Years Old

This week's review focuses on a rather underrated expression from an underrated distillery. Glen Spey is one of those distilleries that you don't see much of, primarily due to its importance in various blends such as Johnnie Walker and J&B.

As such, it is rarely bottled as a single malt and has only made a handful of appearances in Diageo's Special Releases over the years. In fact, it is far more likely that one would come across an expression of Glen Spey which has been bottled by an independent bottler, as is the case for this expression.

This expression of Glen Spey was distilled in 2002, matured for 10 years in a refill hogshead before being bottled at 45.8% by The Creative Whisky Company for their Exclusive Range of releases.

Let's jump right into the review!

Glen Spey 2002 10 Years Old, (Bottled by The Creative Whisky Company, 45.8% abv)

Colour: Chardonnay

Nose: Initial entry presents a fair bit of oak coupled with a pronounced salinity and lemon juice. With time, sweeter citrus notes of orange and some peach emerge as well as some thyme and sage. The oak becomes pronounced on the nose over time and accentuates the saline quality of this expression.

Palate: The oak and salinity from the nose transfer onto the palate and inundate the senses from the fore, before receding somewhat to reveal cinnamon, cloves, menthol, sage and thyme hints as well as a certain citrusy sweetness that one would associate with sweetened grapefruit juice. The wood spices become more pronounced and begin to assert themselves with time.

Finish: Medium to long on the finish, with the spices in control now and intermingling well with the oak and saline qualities of this expression.

 Balance: A relatively well-balanced dram which showcases the sweet, saline and spicy elements as well as the influence of the oak on the flavour profile. Quite an enjoyable and mouth-coating dram which is generally drying in terms of mouthfeel.

This expression of Glen Spey is available for purchase by the bottle or the dram for in-bar consumption or by the bottle for retail/takeaway purposes. Please approach our friendly staff for more information and they will be more than happy to attend to your queries.

Written By Brendan Pillai for The Single Cask  Whisky Bar Singapore 

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