Whisky Review No.26 - The Single Cask Whisky Bar Singapore

July 10, 2016

Whisky Review No.26 - The Single Cask Whisky Bar Singapore

This week's review focuses on one of the core range expressions from Glen Moray distillery, which is fast becoming a well known and well respected brand within the whisky industry.

Glen Moray distillery was founded in 1897, having began life initially as a brewery before being converted for distillation purposes. It ran until 1910, when it was closed for a decade before being purchased by the MacDonald and Muir families who owned The Glenmorangie distillery.

It remained within the ownership of the family until 2008, when it was purchased by French spirits company La Martiniquaise. Under the new ownership the distillery's production capacity was twice expanded, first from 2 million litres to 3.3 million litres in 2014, followed by a further expansion to the present capacity of 6.5 million litres.

The bulk of Glen Moray's production is used to supply one of the fastest growing blended whisky brands on the market, Label 5, as well as the Glen Turner range of blended malts and single malts which are mostly sold in France and recorded sales in excess of 1 million bottles last year.

This week's review focuses on the Glen Moray 12 Years Old, which forms the bedrock of the distillery's core range of expressions. So, let's get on with the review!

Glen Moray 12 Years Old (40% abv)

Colour: Gold

Nose: Initial entry presents a pronounced maltiness along with some citrus fruits and cereal notes. Cinnamon and oak make an appearance after some time and there is a whiff of orange rind in the mix. With time, the sweetness becomes almost honeyed in nature and the aroma is rather pleasant and enticing.

Palate: Sweet, fruity and malty in equal measure, with the cinnamon and oak being rather restrained on the palate when compared to the nose. The honeyed sweetness intensifies over time and hints of orange rind, marmalade and beeswax make an appearance.

Finish: Medium in length, with the honeyed sweetness being the dominant characteristic of this dram. The cinnamon and oak linger in the background, contributing to the drying feel towards the very end.

Balance: A well balanced and easily drinkable dram which doesn't display a lot of complexity, but is subtly nuanced enough to be enjoyed. One that should be sipped and savoured as an aperitif rather than a digestif.

The Glen Moray 12 Years Old is available for in bar consumption by the bottle or the dram at The Single Cask and is also available for takeaway/retail purposes. Please approach one of our friendly bar staff for more information with regard to prices.

Written By Brendan Pillai for The Single Cask 

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