Whisky Live & The Lost Distillery Company masterclass

November 20, 2016

Whisky Live & The Lost Distillery Company masterclass

Over the weekend of the 12th and 13th of November, The Single Cask collaborated with The Lost Distillery Company at Whisky Live Singapore, which was held at Capella Hotel & Resorts in Singapore.

Prathip and Brendan of The Single Cask assisted Mr Scott Watson, the owner of Crucial Drinks, as well as Mr Ewan Henderson, the Global Brand Ambassador of The Lost Distillery Company, during the event and ensured that the necessary arrangements were taken care of prior to the event itself.

The Lost Distillery Company booth at Whisky Live

Over both days, the booth hosted many patrons and enthusiasts who were intrigued by the company's products and they were delighted to sample the range of whiskies and rums within various ranges.

Ewan providing samples to patrons during Whisky Live

A picture with some enthusiasts!

Overall, The Lost Distillery Company's booth at Whisky Live generated some significant interest in the brand's whisky and rum portfolios and patrons were keen to purchase bottles of both after the show.

As time was at a premium during Whisky Live, The Lost Distillery Company were unable to secure a slot in order to host a masterclass. As such, The Single Cask arranged for a masterclass to be held at the bar on the 14th of November which was hosted by both Mr Scott Watson and Mr Ewan Henderson.

Ewan leading the masterclass at The Single Cask

During this masterclass, patrons were to be treated to a selection of 6 whiskies which made up the core of The Lost Distillery Company's Classic range of whiskies: Auchnagie, Towiemore, Stratheden, Gerston, Jericho and Lossit.

Ewan had also arranged for patrons to sample a special bottle of Gerston which was from the Archivist range of whiskies that the company produced and was made up of older component single malts.

The masterclass was something to behold as it was a rather immersive nosing and tasting experience which incorporated elements of history, interaction with the patrons and an exploration of how different items influence the flavour and texture of the various whiskies on offer.

At the end of the masterclass, patrons were also given the opportunity to purchase bottles from The Lost Distillery Company's Classic range at a 50% discount and there definitely were many who left with a smile on their faces at the end of the night.

The entire experience from Whisky Live and the masterclass at the bar was something to savour and we are eternally grateful to have gotten the chance to collaborate with The Lost Distillery Company for both events.

We look forward to welcoming both Mr Scott Watson and Mr Ewan Henderson back to Singapore sometime in the hopefully near future!

Written By Brendan Pillai for The Single Cask

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