The Single Cask Whisky Review #73: Macduff 1997 19 Years Old

November 05, 2017

The Single Cask Whisky Review #73: Macduff 1997 19 Years Old

Macduff is a distillery which doesn't get the recognition it deserves primarily due to its relative obscurity as well as its penchant for producing rather lacklustre official bottlings. That being said, the independent expressions from the distillery are rather interesting and there are some truly exceptional expressions out there.

This week's review focuses on an expression of Macduff which was distilled in 1997, matured for 19 years in a bourbon cask before being bottled at a cask strength abv of 53.5% by The Single Cask.

This expression also received a score of 88.5 points out of 100 in the 2018 edition of Jim Murray's Whisky Bible.

So, let's dive right into the review!

The Single Cask Macduff 1997 19 Years Old (53.5% abv)

Colour: Bright gold

Nose: Initial entry presents herbal hints which are reminiscent of sage, followed by sea salt. There is a good amount of honey along with white pepper, hints of barley sugar and a whiff of violets. There is a slight savoury and meaty edge to the nose as well.

Palate: The sweetness is immediately apparent on the palate, coupled with a fair bit of heat. Rock sugar, chewy malt, hints of violets and white pepper intermingle beautifully with cinnamon, sage and a touch of sea salt.

Finish: Medium on the finish, with the sweet and savoury notes being the dominant elements throughout.

Balance: A rather well-balanced and enjoyable expression of Macduff which provides a paradoxical combination of complexity as well as simplicity. The mouthfeel is oily initially but does become increasingly drying with time.

This expression of Macduff can be purchased by the bottle or dram or as a part of a flight for in-bar consumption or by the bottle for retail/takeaway purposes either from the bar or online. Please approach our friendly staff and they will be more than happy to assist you.

Written By Brendan Pillai for The Single Cask Singapore 

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