The New SMWS Outturn Has Arrived!

January 28, 2018

The New SMWS Outturn Has Arrived!

The Single Cask is excited to announce that the new SMWS outturn has arrived at the bar!

Having initially taken delivery of 16 expressions from the very first outturn, we have now taken delivery of a further 11 expressions from a number of well-known distilleries.

The expressions are as follows:

- 4.238 "Surrender Your Soul" 15 Years Old (Highland, 59.7% abv)

- 10.115 "Free The Imagination" 10 Years Old (Islay, 62% abv)

- 29.216 "Moonlight Night At The Beach" 20 Years Old (Islay, 51.9% abv)

- 29.218 "Charred Fruit On An Open Fire" 18 Years Old (Islay, 58.1% abv)

- 29.227 "Elegant And Refined" 22 Years Old (Islay, 54.9% abv)

- 35.189 "Spiced Fruit On A Treacle Tart" 15 Years Old (Speyside, 57.7% abv)

- 36.129 "Sweetmeats In A Bedouin Tent" 14 Years Old (Speyside, 57.2% abv)

- 39.150 "A Tropical Breakfast" 9 Years Old (Speyside, 59.9% abv)

- 46.52 "A Storm In A Barrel" 14 Years Old (Speyside, 59.6% abv)

- 71.47 "Citric Spicy Whisky Lassi" 10 Years Old (Speyside, 60.5% abv)

- 93.76 "Beurre Blanc And Blue Steak" 11 Years Old (Campbeltown, 61% abv)

These expressions are available by the dram and will eventually be made available as a part of a number of whisky flights, so please keep an eye out for them!

SMWS Members will be able to purchase these drams and flights at a 10% discount and the prices can be found at the bar itself.

Written By Brendan Pillai for The Single Cask Singapore

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