Feis Ile 2019 Report #1: Bruichladdich

June 12, 2019

Feis Ile 2019 Report #1: Bruichladdich

The Islay Festival of Music and Malt, or Feis Ile, is an annual celebration of two things that Ileachs and people around the world love: Music and Whisky.

Celebrated over the course of a week, this festival has attained worldwide recognition and crowds flock from all around the world just to be a part of the festivities.

The Single Cask was fortunate and privileged to have been invited to participate at Feis Ile this year and in the spirit of things, we decided to bring with us a number of Islay-centric expressions, both old and new.

As we had recently bottled a Bruichladdich 14 Years Old, we decided that Bruichladdich Open Day would be the best place to showcase our exciting new release.

The distillery was also commemorating Feis Ile with the release of the Octomore Event Horizon, which is the oldest Octomore released thus far and one which has been exclusively matured in ex-Oloroso and PX casks.

Brendan and Tom from The Single Cask made the trip to the distillery early on the morning of the 26th of May and the weather was rather uninviting, with squalls bringing in drizzle and gloomy weather.

There was already a small crowd outside the distillery and eager fans were awaiting the opening of the gates so as to gain entry and purchase their bottles of Event Horizon as well as enjoy the festivites.

Brendan queued up with the rest and struck up some rather interesting conversations, while Tom was focused on taking as much drone footage as possible for our Dram Drone series.

As time passed by and the clock crept closer to noon, Brendan decided that the time was right to unleash our brand new Bruichladdich on the crowd. Needless to say, they were awed by the colour of the whisky, which had been derived from a first fill sherry hogshead.

Brendan shared some of the Bruichladdich around and the reception was very positive to say the least, with many of the people in the queue enquiring as to where they could acquire a bottle of it.

As the clock hit 12.15pm, the gates were opened and the crowd started moving forward. Brendan and Tom purchased their entry tickets and made their way to the Malt Bar, where Chloe, the APAC Brand Ambassador was holding court.

After exchanging pleasantries and purchasing their bottles of Event Horizon, Brendan then shared some of our Bruichladdich with Chloe and she was quite impressed with it (and also asked us to reserve a bottle for her).

The queue to purchase bottles of Event Horizon grew even longer in no time and all 2000 bottles were sold out within the first 90 minutes of the gates being opened.

Brendan and Tom continued working their way through the crowd and the weather took a turn for the better, with the crowd being treated to blue skies and bright sunshine all round.

As the Open Day progressed, our Bruichladdich received a considerable amount of attention and interest and after a few hours of careful pouring and sharing, the bottle was finally emptied.

All in all, it was a successful first foray with one of our upcoming releases and the interest which was generated has caused it to gain a cult following to the point that almost all of the bottles are now sold out.

For those in Singapore though, fret not. A small allocation of bottles have been reserved for the bar and these will be available by the dram or the flight in due course.

More information about our Bruichladdich will be released upon its arrival in Singapore and we look forward to sharing it with you!

Written By Brendan Pillai for The Single Cask Singapore

UK Website: http://www.thesinglecask.co.uk

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