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The distillery was established in 1993 by Harold Currie, came on stream sometime in August 1995 and has been producing whisky ever since.

In terms of its setup, the distillery sports a semi-lauter mash tun, six wooden washbacks made from Oregon pine and one pair of stills. This setup provides the distillery with a maximum production capacity of 750,000 litres of pure alcohol on an annual basis and incorporates both unpeated and peated spirit.

The distillery has been producing increasingly larger amounts of peated spirit since 2004 and recent production numbers have included 60,000 litres of spirit peated to 25ppm of phenol as well as 30,000 litres of heavily peated spirit (50 ppm of phenol), most of which will eventually end up in Arran’s peated Machrie Moor whisky.

A second distillery in Lagg is currently being constructed and when operational, will produce peated whisky for the Arran brand. All peated production from the existing facility will then move to the distillery in Lagg.

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